Miniature Marvels: DIY Pet Paper Craft Set

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Introducing Miniature Marvels: DIY Pet Paper Craft Set, where creativity and learning come together in a fun-filled package! Unleash your imagination and dive into the world of pet animals with this educational and entertaining craft set.

Did you know that pets have been our faithful companions throughout history? From ancient cave paintings featuring indie dogs to cat remains found in Egyptian tombs, humans and animals share a deep bond. Pets not only bring joy to our lives but also provide numerous health benefits. Discover fascinating facts about pet animals while creating six adorable miniature paper models.

The DIY Mini Friends 'Pet Animal series' by Kiyome Kraft features a collection of six collectible DIY paper toys. Inside this box set, you'll find the Indie Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Goldfish, Budgerigar, and Guinea Pig. Suitable for all ages above 6, this STEAM craft activity provides an engaging way to learn about the wonders of our planet and its captivating creatures.

Crafted from FSC-certified paper from responsible sources, this set is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Each kit includes pre-printed, pre-cut, and pre-creased parts along with assembly instructions. Dive into the assembly process and watch as your pet animals come to life!

Not only is this DIY set a great way to spend quality time with your children, but it also enhances problem-solving skills, cognitive abilities, and boosts self-confidence. Encourage your kids to create imaginative dioramas for their six animal friends and witness their concentration levels soar.

Perfect for gifting or party activities, these kits make excellent return gifts or birthday party favors. Expand your collection with other animals and dinosaurs in this series and embark on a thrilling adventure!

Join us in protecting the environment as these kits are entirely eco-friendly, using no plastic (except for the tube of glue). Unleash your creativity and learn about the wonders of the animal kingdom with Miniature Marvels: DIY Pet Paper Craft Set. Let your imagination run wild!

Included in the set are:

  • 6 pre-printed, pre-cut, pre-creased DIY Kits for Indie Dog, Cat, Goldfish, Budgerigar, Rabbit, and Guinea Pig
  • Educational facts about the animals
  • Fevicol glue

Indulge in this captivating and eco-friendly craft activity today!

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