9 Animated Shows with an Artistic Focus that are Worth Seeing for Kids
January 19, 2023

9 Animated Shows with an Artistic Focus that are Worth Seeing for Kids

We love kids and value their mental health, which is why we know it's important to limit their time with devices. To help, we've put together a list of 9 animated shows that are artistically stimulating.

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1. The Pink Panther | The Pink Painter

The animation revolves around Pinky's attempts to get his artwork put on display in a renowned museum, while the Dogfather is plotting to rob the same museum.

2. Peppa Pig | Painting

Peppa, George, and Daddy were in the garden creating a painting of a cherry tree when a flock of ducks appeared and proceeded to dash through the colors, leaving their artwork in disarray.

3. We Bare Bears | Panda Paints | Cartoon Network

In this scene, Panda having difficulty in his art class until his pal Charlie comes to the rescue.


4. Smurfs | Poet and Painter

Feeling neglected, Poet and Painter opted to depart from Smurf Village and set out for Storm Island without any knowledge of Gargamel's plot to ensnare them. Fortunately, Papa Smurf and his devoted supporters stepped in to offer aid.

5. Oggy and the Cockroaches | Artsy Oggy

Oggy decided that he is an artist and begins to paint a tree. When he is admiring his work of art, the roaches pilfer it and the painting is damaged. Just as Oggy is about to discard the painting, a collector appears and offers to purchase it.  

6. Jack the Painter I Wabbit I Boomerang Official

Jack chooses to pursue nature painting, but it proves to be disruptive to the woodland. Bugs objects to his activity and tumult follows.

7. Booba | Painting

Booba winds up in an artist's apartment after having climbed into a suitcase at the airport. He is mesmerized by the stunning artworks and attempts to recreate the subject of one of the paintings.

8. Sponge Bob | EVERY Artwork by Squidward Tentacles

This is a compilation of all the creative works produced by Squidward!

9. Dolly And Friends | Painting Together | Season 3

The tale of "Dolly and Friends" focuses on an adorable little lamb named Dolly who enjoys seeking out thrilling experiences with her companions, which include a hedgehog, a panda, a small dragon, a ram, and more.

We trust your kids will have a great time enjoying some of our popular cartoon selections. Perhaps you'll be familiar with some of the classics or find a few that are new to your family.

We hope that seeing their most loved characters having a blast with art will inspire your kids to create their own. If that happens, we have plenty of materials, tutorials, and motivation to help you out!